Creeping back in…

I want to write in a tiny font as I creep back on to my blog and back into the inboxes of those who have subscribed.

Yes I’ve been away, you may have noticed.

After my last post, life became even more hectic than normal and coupled with what I now recognise as a long bout of depression writing was not uppermost in my mind. Or when it was my shadow soon dispelled any ideas that others may want to read any pearls of wisdom. It even went so far as to suggest that there were no pearls anyway so not to bother.

The bad spirit of course has also been hovering so that whilst I can bring my shadow in to the light, I still am plagued with lethargy and self doubt as far as the blog is concerned.

I do still write though and each week I write something called ‘Living the Word’ for my parish newsletter. It’s for adults, children and families. I also write for my first communion group and their parents too. So rather than berating myself with the stick called ‘must try harder’ and the chain of ‘perfect or not at all’, I have decided to share these weekly reflection questions based on the Sunday Gospel.

Of course I hope to write again in the way that I had been doing but until then, please accept this offering.

28th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Living the Word

  • Which of the Commandments challenge you the most this week?
  • Where does the Lord look at you with love this week?
  • Where are you being invited to depend on the ‘possibility of God’ this week?
Living the Word for Children
  • Jesus loves you, how will you show that you love Him this week?
  • Imagine you are the Rich young man, what happens after you leave Jesus?
Living the Word for Families
  • How can we use our possessions for good this week?
  • Spend time choosing something that we no longer need or want and take it to our chosen charity shop this week?
Dear Lord,
Thank you for all that we have.
We ask that you bless us with Wisdom to use everything for your good.
 20150809_092943_HDR (1)
If you find them useful then please let me know, and next time I’ll post them earlier in the week.

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