Sing a new song

Throughout Christmas we have sung the same psalm. Now for many of us this is Liturgically incorrect. Yet hearing it sung 3 or 4 times in succession meant that it seeped into my mind and heart, and a little like an earworm has had me humming…


While I am not speaking to Him (my prayer life leaves a lot to be desired) at the moment, my faith had kept me a float. I have found myself thinking of this psalm and am grateful that even through my stubborness, my heart hears His call.

In the light of my last post, through the lens of the death of my dear friend, I know that this psalm enables me to pray, that it eases my pain, that there is a new song being sung to the Lord. For Jane as well as all the many wonderful qualities she displayed, was also a talented Liturgical musician. Infact that was how we first met, many many years ago on a CPW (Catholic Peoples’ Week) I was the Liturgist and Jane had come with her guitar. She had an innate sence of what was needed and we worked well together not only that week but year on year.

So I know that if not a completely new song, there is at the very least a new timbre, a deeper quality to those sung by the choirs of Angels with an even greater beauty as Jane joins their number.