Living the Word: 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time (really!)

Sorry for the confusion, here are the reflective questions for Sunday 2nd July!

The joy of working a week ahead!

Sometimes, even with the best will in the world, it can be difficult to recall the Gospel from Sunday.
But if we can’t remember it it can not feed us, and nourishment is exactly what the Good News is to be for us.
Here are some reflective questions to enable you to chew over the message held in the Gospel.
After all we need the Gospel to sustain us daily not just on Sunday, for the Good News and Eucharist are both food for the journey.
Living the Word this week
The words of Jesus seek to expand our idea of love, it is to be more than our experience of love.
What limits the way you love the Triune God?
What are the crosses you are being asked to take up in your life?
How might you express your love for God?
How do you show your family you love them?
How can you show that love to those who are not in your family?
Familial love is not the limit but an expression of how we are to love God, for God is more than created thing.
In what ways does the love for your family lead you to love God and therefore serve others?
Image result for cup of cold water

Prayer by Anne Osdieck  

For the homeless it is a shelter.
For the lonely it’s just a visit.
For the hungry it’s a meal
For one who stumbles it is helping hands.
For the thirsty, just a drop water.

O God,
you ask little of us.
You bless us, when we give
and also when we receive.
Please let us have a cup of cold water.

And let us not ignore
those souls that thirst for you. Amen.

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