Weaving the Word: Epiphany Yr A

Epiphany! My favourite feast.

Epiphany! Still my favourite Christmastide Feast and if you are interested in why then check out my previous post

Gearing up for Epiphany

Reflection points

Where are you troubled when asked about Jesus Christ?

Where will you search diligently for Jesus this week?

How will you give Him homage this week?


Where do natural signs, stars, or nature remind you of Jesus?

Where have you been overjoyed this Christmastide? Remember to thank God for them.

What gift can you bring to the Lord?


Discuss who your ‘kings’ or ‘magi’ might be today, where are they from, what do they look like, what might they bring?

Place your kings in your Crib. Although it is 12th night you might like to keep your Crib on display until Candlemas (Feb 2nd) and continue to use it as a focus for your family prayer.

Epiphany Tradition of blessing the home

Oh God

You revealed Your Son to all people

by the shinning light of a star.

We pray that You bless this home and all who live hear with Your gracious presence.

May Your love be our inspiration,

Your wisdom our guide,

Your truth our light,

Your truth our benediction.

Through Christ our Lord.


End by marking the outside of your home with chalk to say



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