Rebekah O'Keeffe
London, England

Bio: I am a woman of faith, a practising Roman Catholic Christian. I have 4 children, each of whom make me immensely proud. I am also a feminist. I like talking seriously about serious things, laughing, being with those who nourish me, red wine and coffee. I am privileged to work as a Catechist in 2 parishes, working with Adults, children and families. I write and develop my own resources based on experiential learning and Lectionary based Catechesis. A feminist Catholic mother of four, might seem paradoxical to many people on the surface but it is who I am called to be... Talitha Kum - Stand up. This blog are a collection of thoughts reflections, and musings on faith family and feminism. Faith. I have been formed in Ignatian Spirituality and Lectio Divina is my preferred method of prayer. Family I enjoy thinking about the interaction (and sometimes non-interaction) of my faith and my family. The joys and challenges of bringing up Catholic kids and watching them develop their own adult relationship with the living Lord. Recalling the way that my faith and my life as a parent more often collide but sometimes dovetail I hope might be of use to someone else. Feminism By this I mean anything that appertains to women. It might be thoughts on what keeps women oppressed, or what enables us to soar. Yes there will be times where I will be contentious and people will no doubt disagree with my opinions. But someone might see things in a new way and the risk seems worth it!

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