The answer is YES.

You should write.

Even though everything’s already been said beautifully.

Even though there’s nothing new under the sun. Even so. Because there may be nothing new to say, but if you haven’t spoken up yet – then there is a new VOICE to hear.

That’s all we have – our voices. No two are the same.

No one sees the world QUITE like you do, and no one else can tell us your story QUITE like you could. You are our only chance to know you. You’re it.

If you yearn to use your voice and you don’t – we will all suffer for it.

Be brave.

Be audacious enough to consider that your story is worth telling and your voice is worth hearing. The secret is- it IS.

Your story and your voice are worthy of occupying some space in this world.

Take it, Sister.

Take your space.

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