Reclaiming the F word

‘Mum, what are you doing?’

‘Writing a post for my blog.’

‘YOU HAVE A BLOG?  What is it about?’

‘Faith, Family and Feminism’

‘You’ve gotta loose that F word mum, no one will read it otherwise,’ he said laughing.

And I wondered… Was he right? No of course not, but he did have a point. Mention Feminism and people roll their eyes and assume that they know all about you. What you are going to say, what you think, what you believe, what your responses are.

Couple that with being a Christian and all sorts of land-mines go off in people’s heads. Other Christians, or more specifically other Catholics think that as a feminist I only want Ordination opened to women. Secularists, question why I remain part of one of the most anti female religions on the planet.

Neither will engage in dialogue. Yes they listen politely but they don’t really want to know what I think, what I bring to the conversation or any insights I might have. Because they already know. And they are too busy telling me why I am wrong.

Which is why I have put off this post since day 1. Maybe it is still too soon, it doesn’t read as well, it is more emotional, not as clear as I would like, but I have to get it out there and this is the beginning…

Feminism is  neuralgic issue. It polarises people.

For me I am a feminist precisely because I am a Christian. For me feminism goes hand in hand with Justice. It’s about God gifting each one of us regardless of our gender. God’s gifts are limitless not limiting. Feminism, like Christianity calls us to build a place where all can call home, where all are valued, where all are respected and where all have choice. And ‘all’ includes both female and male, for men are bound by sexism too.

Yes we have come a long way since our grandmothers and great grandmothers fought for and won the vote. But there is still along way to go before the Kingdom is a reality. We can not say we are building the Kingdom, or that we live by Gospel values if we turn a blind eye to oppression. And that includes oppression of women which includes oppression of men too.

Every time we allow comments such as ‘she was asking for it’, ‘what was she wearing?’ to go unchallenged we are colluding with sexism.

And we all need feminism.


Every time we allow the same traits to be described in positive ways for men and negative ways for women we collude with sexism

And we all need feminism.

Every time we work to end poverty but do not see that women make up the largest section of the poor we collude with sexism.

And we all need feminism.

Every time we allow figures of speech which gender objects or situations negatively as female to go unchallenged we collude with sexism.

And we all need feminism.

Every time we allow language, dress, actions to keep women (and men) in their place we collude with sexism.

And we need feminism.

Every time we do not hear that the story is being told from the standpoint of patriarchy we collude with sexism.

And we all need feminism.

For me feminism is not about women being or seeing themselves as better than men. It is about not being humiliated, made to take the blame, being patronised because of gender, made to feel ashamed because I am a women. It is about equality, about having choices, about having the right to education, healthcare, of being valued because we are all born in the image and likeness of God, ‘female and male God created them’.

And I haven’t even started on the issues of gender and church…

But I will.

Anna the Prophetess


This is my first blog post and I have been putting it off since before Christmas. During that time I have questioned whether I even want to be here, who will read it, what is the point and all those other questions you, the blogging community, have undoubtedly asked before you wrote your first blog.
This morning I was determined to start, so I sorted my home page, chose the picture, the colour, the headers and the design. When all was ready I made some bread, cleaned the cooker and washed up.

So much for starting after morning prayer! Now here I am, no more prevaricating or procrastinating.

What better day to begin a blog on Faith, Family & Feminism when the Gospel tells us the story of Anna, one of the women to be named and lauded by Luke. An elderly prophetess, who fasted and prayed and served God in the Temple.

Praying the Gospel this morning I was struck with her perseverance. She obviously had no family to look after her, hence her time in the Temple, no grandchildren to mind, to sing or tell stories to. In many ways, from the outside an unfulfilled life. A widow woman left to wither away in the Temple. Yet she knew there was more, she believed that there was a reason to go about her daily routine, praying and fasting.

How different Anna and I are! The story doesn’t tell us whether Anna despairs, or wants to give up. Yet if I were Anna I am sure that despair would have overwhelmed me. Even in the writing of this blog, I wanted to give up before I had even begun.  But I keep hearing the word perseverance when I think of Anna, and I know that she too would have had her off days, but she didn’t give up, and Oh! what reward was hers – to be in the right place at the right time, to reveal Christ to those around her.

What a gift, what a Woman.  anna

One reason I have started to blog is that people (ok, my friends) have asked me to. They tell me that I have good things to say, they enjoy my reflections (and ramblings), that they wait for me to post things on Facebook as a way of keeping up to date with what is going on. When I looked back over the type of articles I post I realised that they fell into 3 main areas; faith, family and feminism.  Now if you have come here bypassing the ‘About’ page you might find it useful to pop in there to read what I understand by faith, family & feminism before defining them for me.

And Talitha Kum,  that’s the Living Lord calling me to ‘Stand up’ for what I believe.

I don’t know how often I’ll blog  but hopefully once a week and I would love it if you would pour yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and journey with me and perhaps even leave a comment or two.